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Select an e-commerce platform that suits your budget and makes your work easier.


It’s easier than ever to sell products online. If you want to start an online store, all you need is a domain name and an e-commerce platform.

Do you have a business, craving to go online?

If you have a product to sell, or even if you don’t but would like to start selling online at some point, then this article is for you.

Are You Ready To Sell Online?

Before getting started with setting up an ecommerce business and website, there are several things that need to be considered. First of all, do I have the skills and knowledge necessary for running my own website? Do I know how to build websites? Do I know how to set up hosting services and configure them so that they work properly on my domain name? If not, then there are plenty of resources available online which will teach me how it’s done.

Secondly, what kind of budget do I have available for setting up an online business and website? There are many different kinds of ecommerce platforms out there that can be used as well as various software programs including WordPress which come with free themes (designs) which range from simple designs through more elaborate ones costing money but providing great functionality if chosen wisely – either way though these items are not cheap!

Considering the rise of e-commerce, every business wanting to grow big and optimize revenues, needs to be online.

E-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services, usually over the Internet. E-commerce is a great way to expand your business and reach more customers. Online stores can be used by anyone who wants to sell products or services.

But how to create an online store?

Turning your online store into reality is easy.

First, choose a domain name. Then pick an e-commerce platform (Shopify, Squarespace and Magento are among the most popular). Finally, create your online store!

Register a domain name of your choice.

A domain name is the Web address you type into your browser to get to a website.

To register a domain name, you need to know its extension. The most common ones are .com, .net and .org. If you want an alternative extension, such as .coffee or .software, it will cost more than registering with one of the first three.

You’ll also need to find out which web hosting service you want and how much it costs per month or year to operate that service.

Select an e-commerce platform that suits your budget and makes your work easier.

If you want to sell products online, there are two things you will need: a domain name and an e-commerce platform. A domain name is the address of your website (i.e., www.yoursite.com). An e-commerce platform is where customers can buy your products and make payment via credit card or PayPal account. You can register a domain on various websites such as GoDaddy or Namecheap; these sites will also provide information on how to select an e-commerce platform that fits best with your budget and makes it easier for you than if you were doing everything manually (which would be very time consuming). The most popular e-commerce platforms include Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento Commerce (formerly known as Magento Community) etc.; these allow sellers to run their business online without worrying about programming skills or database management issues because they are designed specifically for selling physical goods online using an easy interface which makes use of drag n drop functionality.

You can easily build an online store without investing much effort and time in it.

You can easily build an online store without investing much effort and time in it. You need a website, a payment gateway and start selling your products online.

It’s easier than ever to sell products online.

It’s easier than ever to sell products online. You can create your own website and sell products to customers directly, or you can list them on other sites like eBay or Amazon.

There are also social media platforms that allow you to showcase your products and connect with new customers by sharing photos, videos and links.


With so many options available for the aspiring entrepreneurs, starting an online store is not a big deal. However, you need to carefully select the platform that suits your business needs and helps in maximizing revenues.

Ecommerce Online Store

Get an ecommerce platform to power your website.

Whether you’re an experienced ecommerce professional or just getting started with online sales, we can help build your online store. We’ve helped hundreds of companies create websites that look great and convert customers, so let us work for you too.

Get an ecommerce platform to power your website.

It’s important to choose an ecommerce platform that is easy to use and has a large user base. The more people who are using the platform, the better your chances of being able to find help online when you need it. You should also choose a platform with great security features, as well as one that is scalable and can grow with your business.

Finally, make sure you pick an ecommerce solution that offers good customer service—this will ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience on your site.

Select a payment gateway.

The payment gateway is the interface between your website and your customers’ credit cards, so it’s one of the most important parts of your ecommerce business. It’s also easy to use! You can get started on a free payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal, or pay for one like Shopify’s built-in solution.

Configure the settings of your online store.

Once you’ve created a store, the next step is to configure its settings. Below are the areas that you’ll want to change:

Set up shipping and taxes.

You’ve built your store, now it’s time to set up your shipping and tax settings.

Shipping and tax settings include:

  • Shipping methods – choose how your customers will pay for their shipping costs.
  • Manual rates – set a custom rate for each delivery option.
  • Tax zones – define the areas where you want to add taxes to orders. You can create as many zones as you need and assign them names that make sense for you and your business. Be sure to check with local tax laws before setting up any zones.

Add products to your online store.

To add products to your online store, you’ll need to import product data from your ERP. You can either use a product feed that contains information about each product in an XML file or create a product feed using a CSV file. If you’re importing products from an ERP system, many vendors will help you set up the necessary processes for exporting the information into an acceptable format for importing into Magento Commerce Cloud.

Set up the storefront for your online store.

Once the store is set up, you need to make sure that it’s easy for customers to shop. The best way to do this is by creating an optimized storefront that shows off your products perfectly.

You should also optimize the storefront for mobile users (people using smartphones and tablets). If you don’t make it easy for mobile users to view your shop, they’ll leave and never come back.

In order to have an optimized storefront, consider these tips:

  • Make sure that each product has a clear image of what it looks like and where people can buy them (the “Add To Cart” button). This will help potential customers see what they’re buying before they purchase anything from your site.
  • Add keywords into all of the images used on each product page so that Google knows which terms related specifically relate most closely with what’s being shown off within each photo frame as well as because having relevant descriptions is another way search engines can find out about specific types of items being marketed through these photos alone – meaning more traffic!

To sell online, you will need a website, and we can help you build one that looks professional and is optimized for capturing sales.

To sell online, you will need a website, and we can help you build one that looks professional and is optimized for capturing sales.

  • Websites are the best way to sell online: Our ecommerce websites are fully customizable and mobile-friendly. They’re designed to help your business grow with features like live chat support, automated email follow-ups, order tracking and more.
  • The benefits of an ecommerce website: We’ll show you how simple it is to manage your own site once it’s built by showing how easy it is for us to update our own demo store on the fly with just a few clicks or taps on our phones! Plus, if something goes wrong with your order we’ll be there 24/7/365 to help resolve any issues quickly—no matter what time of day or night you might have them!


If you have a product or service to sell, we can help you build and launch your website. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs—from simple websites with just one product for sale, all the way up to full-featured ecommerce stores with thousands of items. Our team has over two decades of experience building and launching websites that convert! Contact us today to get started!